Not All Media is Created Equal

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What do snapshots, live video, .gifs, over-produced Instagram photos, 4k High Def. 30- second commercial spots, and TikTok all have in common?


As the internet continues to give content creators channels and forums to place media, we are experiencing a new revolution in storytelling.  In the wild west days of MySpace, and early YouTube, content was gritty and ranged in quality from completely unwatchable to unflinchingly innovative.

Now, thanks to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and TikTok we have virtually unlimited ways to express ourselves through photos and video souped up with filters, kitschy stickers, and automated subtitles.   The good news:  quality has improved as early YouTubers have honed their skills and competition has squeezed out some of the least talented.

What is fascinating is the sub-genres and stories that are emerging from these platforms.  Teenagers now speak in “Meme” (Emojis are so passe);  ASMR videos have arrived; Gamers stream while they play-revolutionizing how YouTube monetizes; and Make-up Tutorials rule the planet. (Aren’t hep to these?  Just click on the links I provided and learn more than you ever cared to!)

But should you be on these platforms or should you just stick to purchasing commercial spots on TV?

As things continue to evolve, the questions should be, “What will the audience tolerate?” and “What do I want to achieve with my story?”

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As a digital media strategist and content creator, I assure you not all media is created equally.  You might be shocked that a meme you created and shared for little to no expense created a click-storm and opened  up several new customers to your business when your “mom and pop” TV commercial gained you next to nothing buried in late night TV.  It all comes down to knowing your audience, a story that strikes the right tone, and timing (See what a hashtag like #MeToo can do). Relevance is the new storytelling currency.

Tell me what your favorite “story” has been lately.  What made it so effective?

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