Why Tell Stories?

Since the dawn of time, people have been exchanging stories.   For modern purposes, stories are a means of entertainment and communicating morality.  Ever hear the phrase, “What’s the moral of the story?”  We live in complicated times with a distribution hub for story telling known as the internet.

With the internet comes great power and responsibility.   Let that sink in.

As a society, we have already witnessed Apps like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter used as propaganda machines, misinformation highways, and distribution channels for hate speech.

As content creators, we have the power to fight back with content that educates, inspires, and supports.

Ask yourself today, “Why am I telling THIS story and what do I hope to do with it?”

Why Produce Film in Northern CA??

This is a trailer I produced for my screenplay UNBROKEN.  When asking, “Why NorCal?”  I can definitely say it’s because of the LOCATIONS and PEOPLE.  Northern CA has some of the best untapped talent and resources in the world.  Please enjoy the work of my team all located in NorCal.

Thank You For Your Interest!

Christina holding a coffee mug- the source of her power
A cup a day keeps the whiners away!

I am an INDIE Filmmaker on a quest to be better everyday.  This is my new website and I have FINALLY switched over to a Word Press site–so that means I MUST blave….  I mean blog. I hope my musings hold your interest!

Princess Bride "To Blave"
Yes, I love Princess Bride.

I use movie references, sarcasm, and wit peppered with fashion, feminism, and FREEDOM!

Mel Gibson as Braveheart
Christina on a BAD hair day.

I hope you enjoy and play along.  Thank you for spending your valuable time with me.    ~CM

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