For Arts' Sake UPDATE 2014:

Christina Marie has nested the initiative's goal of improving infrastructure for the Film Festival Community.  She continues the work of printing and updating  the Rack card.  She's expanding the mission with her new concept INDIEblush.  A magazine and site that promotes INDIE movie, festivals and more!


Christina Marie fully endorses the For Arts' Sake, ARTIST SURVEY. If you are a Sacramento Region Artist in ANY discipline, please take 15-20 minutes NOW and take it.

What do artists and creative professionals need to be successful in Sacramento? Please help For Arts Sake (a Sacramento region arts initiative) help you. 

This survey is designed to collect information from  Sacramento area artists of all creative disciplines including visual arts, music, film, dance, choreography, theatre, and literary arts as well as commercial arts disciplines including architecture, graphic design, fashion design, commercial design.

Specifically, we wish to identify what barriers and unmet needs/resources you have encountered that may have impeded your professional development or ability to earn a living as an artist, as well as to identify what factors have benefited you or been helpful to your artistic career. The data we collect from this survey will help to address the unmet needs of our artistic community.

To that end, we hope that you will be thoughtful and as complete as possible in your responses to the following questions. Please note the information provided is solely for the purpose of this survey . All responses are confidential. The results will only be published in summary form to prevent identifying any responses to any one individual.

ANSWER THIS SURVEY FROM YOUR PERSPECTIVE AS A PROFESSIONAL ARTIST:  The survey should take about 20 minutes of your time. If you have difficulty, please contact Deborah Edward, Project Manager of For Arts Sake, at Deborah.edward@forartsake or by phone (916)808-8848.