If you were determined to be only one thing in life, what would you do if that option was taken away from you?

NEWSFLASH! Ballerina. will now be a Feature Length Film & is now titled:  UNBROKEN.
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Ballerina is passion project for Christina Marie. It was written with disabled performers in mind. Performance art is such a difficult industry to be in because it is so subjective & competitive. Add a disability to the mix, and for some, their career is ended. This film illustrates the passion & drive that it takes to be truly great. Greatness is found not in who we are but in what we do. If you are an artist and have had your career interrupted by an accident or event that has limited you physically, please don't give up. You were given the vision & talent as an artist to do the things average people cannot do.

In the script for Ballerina, one character states: "The body limits the soul. That's why we fly in our dreams". Christina Marie firmly believes in this. She chose the ballet as the setting for this particular story because ballet is notorious for its competitive nature. The movement in ballet is extremely specific. Bodies are measured & weighed (literally) to determine if a young woman is right to be a lead ballerina. Not only must you be tall, thin, beautiful, & talented, you must be perfect in every movement. God forbid you get injured on the dance floor or off. Now imagine how devastating it would be if you lost an arm or a leg. 

Christina Marie has personal experience with being physically limited.  When she saw this video on YouTube, she knew she had to finish & produce BALLERINA.

We are dedicating BALLERINA. to all artists with disabilities.    Thank you!